About me

I am CHISOM OSUIGWE, an advocate of ‘do the best you can, with what you’ve got’ and it’s nice to have you here.

An acquaintance once asked me, “what do you do?” I was just months out of the university and I was yet to determine the life direction to pursue wholly (a little secret: I’m still on that path of discovery). Not wanting to stall the conversation, I paused for a while and then answered him with these words: I breathe… And then, I try to give others more reasons to value their opportunity at doing so. Thinking about that response later on, what hit me wasn’t the speed with which I pieced it together, it was the fact that we’re all here for one another and the underlying truth that every moment we spend alive is a gift to be treasured.

Each day I wake up to life is another opportunity to become and do all that Abba wants of me.
I am passionate about encouraging people to live life to their fullest potential; to awaken you to your position as a light bearer. And I love to do this through my writings which are sometimes centered around stories from everyday happenings – I have a sweet habit of looking for the lesson in every act.

And please, whenever you detect that reprimanding tone the aged and elderly are known for, forgive me. It’s the big sister in me coming to play, I often forget that everyone is not my younger brother. But then, it’s out of a place of love.

I am a lover of good books. A budding editor and content creator. To be honest, I keep evolving and discovering new dimensions of myself. And finally darling, I’ve got an amazing love relationship with the God of the universe, He calls me His beloved😁

It’s good to have you here.