A quick guide into personal development

At the beginning of last year, one of the things Abba told me as the first month came to an end was, “take yourself as a business; invest in you!” This came as we deliberated on certain life issues. When it came, I felt the force. You see, I had been taking steps at making myself better at the things I do and in general life dealings but I never saw it from that business aspect and that was quite enlightening.

Quickly, let’s see ‘Why you should take your development serious.’

  1. You are a business. If you expect to keep yielding profits, you should be wise enough to keep making investments.

I saw these words on a WhatsApp status a friend made: “By all means, improve yourself; a better you is a better business…” And that just about sums it up!

  1. As working class people (or even students), sometimes we get so busy with work and meeting up with tasks that we often forget things healthy habits that brought us to where we are. We often get carried away with being busy and we think that there’s no time. But if we realize that our future depends on what we do now; if we realize that what we’re going to be tomorrow depends on what we’re learning now, it’ll push us to keep learning.
  2. There was this lesson in biology that had our teacher explaining growth and development. As things grow, it is expected that they keep developing. Take a child for example, there are certain developmental milestones the doting parents expect that he attain as he grows. From being a little baby who can’t carry the weight of his head without support, he matures; he sits, crawls, walks and performs every other activity at their right time.

Something is not right when the child keeps adding in size without developing.

You can’t go year in-year out without visible improvements. You abuse the essence of life when you do that.



Let’s see ‘The How’

  1. What are you finding yourself inconsistent at? Remind yourself of the benefits therein and dare yourself to do it again. This time, do it differently.
  2. Do not be afraid to draw up schedules and plans because the previous ones failed. Plans may change but if you never make plans and discipline yourself to follow through, your life will never change. Once again, give yourself totally to it.
  3. Your life path is different. Don’t assume that the steps you take in developing yourself will make sense to everyone. I went to a library three times a week for about three months last year and today every time I open up the laptop to write to edit, I keep reaping the fruits. It didn’t make too much sense then but today, I don’t regret them. It’s so with you.



Understand that you owe it to yourself to keep learning; whatever achievement you want to make depends on how much you develop.

  1. You can never be too busy for personal development. Make monthly goals. (A)You can read 1 book centered on the area of life you’re currently working on. (B) You can partake in online courses
  2. Focus on your journey. You can’t make progress if you let yourself get distracted.

Hey, Light, keep shining!

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PS: This article was originally presented as a Facebook webinar on the POSH group.

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