Accountability: The Winner’s Trick

It’s without questions that the start of a thing is usually exciting. You entered 2020 with most of your plans mapped out; ideas and goals to dominate the world. And so you begin! But midyear, you realize that with respect to some goals, you’ve lost steam. You’d still like to achieve them but you don’t even know if you can pursue them anymore. That initial zest is gone; the hype is gone and you’re about failing on that side.

I understand how you feel. You can be rest assured that you’re not the first person who began with “I’m going to make a billion this year” only to end with “Dear God, give us this day our daily bread”. Oh, things like this happen! But I’m sure you’re not blind to those who also made those plans and saw them materialize.

What then is the difference? How do they get to achieve their goals and you don’t? Why are they still running at full speed by midyear and you’re barely trying to catch your breath? What’s the trick?
A whole lot of factors come to play but there is one I have identified and I’d love to share it with you. You might already know of this; allow a reminder.

Get an Accountability Partner

I’ll later write to you about the importance of focus and consistency but for today, get in on this trick.
There’s that boost that comes with being accountable. I know most of you have been hurt by people whom you disclosed things to in confidence but this thing I’m proposing is different. No matter how hurt you’ve been, or how isolated you’ve made your tent, there’s at least one person who you can still extend a measure of trust to. This year, for your new goals, trust me on this: Let them in on your goals.

Go a step further and define ways you’d need them to hold you accountable. If you still have your hesitancy to the effectiveness of this idea, give it three months.
What’s the most grandiose goal you have for this year? Define the actionable steps and fit in ways this person can hold you accountable and watch what happens.

It is true that nothing changes until you change. I am from the school of thought that believes that the greatest motivation one can get is that which comes from within; if I don’t agree to do something, the longest your hype can last is a couple of days. But I subscribe to this and I’ve experienced its effectiveness.

Even if you’re from the same school of thought, I believe this trick will work for you because these goals are what you have agreed in yourself to do. The push that comes from accountability is only but additional efforts to fan the embers of your vision.

It was Zig Ziglar who said that motivation is like bathing, that’s why we do it daily. It takes more than zest to see a goal to accomplishment. The more they ask you about your goals, the more you’re pushed to do something.

For the fact that you all have your lives to live, you can make this automated to some extent. Set up a scheduled reminder that prompts you to send a mail or text reporting how far you’ve gone; you can also schedule your calls and have your gadgets remind you to have that conversation… just whatever works for you.

Don’t forget what this is all about: You want to succeed, I want to hear your testimonies when you do and this is why you have this article before you.

I hope you do the needful; don’t just wish for progress, take the steps that lead up.
If this helped you in any way, share with your circle.
I believe you’ll keep getting better because I trust that you’re wise to take actions.
Till next time…

Remember you’re light, shine!
I love you!

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