Building Trust for the Future

Why you should trust for the future.

Some weeks ago, I had this conversation (why you should trust for the future) with four of my friends, individually and at different times. With each of them, I was discussing general matters but somehow the talk made a tangent to that same conversation.

Currently in our lives, there were confusing points—areas we weren’t so sure we were handling well; the future we didn’t know what it held; and a shaking hope still held by a heart that made unending prayers to God to keep leading it.

We are at that stage of life where whatever decision we make has the greatest bearing to the shaping of our future and we sincerely pray that we are making the best choice.

As I got talking with four of them, and this common thread ran through our conversation, I made a mental note to write about what my consolation came to be (one we all agreed was true).

I didn’t have this talk with you, or we haven’t had it yet, but I hope this post affords you the insight and consolation our sharing gave us.


Building Trust for the Future.

1. You may not know the future but trust the Hand that leads.
Look back on your life and see how you have been helped.
People think you have made it (at whatever stage you are in right now). But you’re still in that your room, and little corner of this big world, worrying about how tomorrow will turn out. You’ve become a beacon of hope to some others and God isn’t even done with you yet. Look back and see how the worries of the past are no more.


2. You cannot predict the future but you have a part in creating it.
Keep taking (little) steps in the direction of your dreams.
Don’t live each day waiting on whatever the day might bring: “I will live each day as I see it.” No! That is a defeatist mentality.

Choose to appropriate joy to each day—let that be the constant you seek—and make efforts to create the kind of life you want.
Have you bothered to find out what it takes and what it’ll require? Then, do the bit you can for each day.


3. Talk about your fears and let the joint faith of your friends dwarf it.
Before that conversation, we all had our individual worries that if left unattended might have terribly depressed us; but sharing and opening up, gave us hope where it seemed to be lacking.
You should learn to open up…to the right people.


4. The number one bears repeating: Trust God to lead you.
You don’t know the end from the beginning—He does
You don’t know all that the future holds—He does
You’re merely forecasting; why not partner with Him?

I wish you your best life always.

My (our) Consolation

One thing comforted our hearts: The fact that we will look back on this day sometime in the future and find out that we’re standing atop what seemed to be a huge mountain before us.

We pray that the steps we’re taking today are the right ones.

Hey, Light, keep shining.
I love you.

4 thoughts on “Building Trust for the Future

  1. Chukwukadibia O. Ude

    ... Talk about your fears and let the joint faith of your friends dwarf them....I like this.

    Building trust for the future is best done by following God's instruction......

    Thank you for this message.

    1. Chisom Osuigwe Post author

      Yes, sir! Sharing with the right people really helps.
      And your second paragraph holds great truth! Following Him on every step is the way to go.
      Thank you for reading...


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