Reading a book that succinctly addresses a current need can be likened to handing a bottle of water to a tired traveller. It satisfies, wholly! This is what this book did for me. The effectiveness of your goal hinges on your understanding of the why.

“Without the why, the how would have been impossible. It is the why that gives you the power to do the how.”

“Rich dad told me a story about three birds sitting on a fence. The question is, “If two birds decide to fly away, how many birds are left?” The answer is, “Three birds are left.” The lesson is, just because you decide to do something does not mean you will do what you decide to do. So the “Why” and the “Who” still require you to take action. The reason most people do not do what they can do is because they do not have a strong enough why. Once you find the why, it is possible to accomplish your how.”

At the question, I honestly answered: one bird, of course. The explanation drives the point home. It goes beyond making decisions —that’s a good first step— to actually getting the work done.

“Once you focus on your life’s objectives, you need to focus on your instructors to make sure they are qualified to teach you what you want to know. They should have already been where you want to go and have lived to tell about it. In today’s fast-changing world, it’s not so much what you learn that counts, but how fast you learn it.”

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