Peace in the Storm

Peace in the Storm

We live in troubled times.  Is it then possible to live in a troubled world and not be troubled? Can one truly have a semblance of calmness amidst the turbulence that seems to be part of life? Then again, is peace really the absence of trouble?

Here am I, beginning with questions again.

Peace in a broad sense could be said to be an absence of disturbance, within a person and amongst people. With the news of wars and terrors here and there and most currently, the present pandemic and all its implications, it is safe to say that the world is not a peaceful place. Issues among neighbours, siblings, friends and colleagues, points to the reality that perhaps, peace is a stranger – a welcome visitor who comes around but sadly never seems to stay for too long.

I believe that peace is not the absence of turbulence. I think that as far as life is concerned there will always be conflicts, misunderstandings, issues that will seem to send the peace away. Part of the journey of life now entails learning to find the peace even while the turbulence rages all around.  I have read that the middle of a hurricane is the calmest part of the storm. In the very centre, there is no turbulence. The high wind revolves around but never gets to the centre. That’s it! The presence of turbulence doesn’t wipe out the possibility of calmness – of peace.

Focusing however on the issues around tends to aggravate the problem and you are none the better for it. It is safe then to say that to find peace, one has to find a way around the disturbance. To find peace, you have got to seek it out. The good book was right when it said ‘seek and you shall find.’  How do I seek peace? Well for one, I try to separate myself from the source of the disturbance. You may ask “You mean, maybe leave the house for a troublesome roommate or the office because of issues with a colleague?” Not necessarily. But you could try to dissociate your mind from what makes you lose sleep. Maybe read a book, pray, meditate, sing, journal, travel or take a retreat if you can. Just find an escape.

Then again, I know that it may not be realistic for one to be able to escape physically from all that ails the world, but there is one thing I know that can keep the peace. Hope.

You read right. Hope – the knowledge and expectation that even if the storm tarries, it will end someday. So maybe there’s still rancour, violence and a whole lot of other bad energy out there in the world. Maybe the private and corporate wars are still raging. Maybe your heart and home are still troubled. My dear, centre your mind; seek out a sense of calmness amidst the storm; the constant in all the chaos; the certainty that things will change someday. Soon –and only for the better.

Peace, love and light.


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