The day the Lighthouse beamed


Fam, when I started uploading the ‘Tales from Agbonle’, I joked with my colleagues that I was contributing my quota to placing Agbonle on the digital map. I didn’t take that too serious. Honestly. When it began, the tales were primarily an avenue for me to express myself; it was a bridge to the outside world; it was therapy for me as the camaraderie it boosted, brought me relief.

Through constant repetition and inclusion in conversation, I put Agbonle on the lips of my friends and all who knew me personally. But I never thought it would go farther than that. Of course, digital footprints take intentionality to erase but with ‘Tales from Agbonle’ I made prints I didn’t feel the need to erase. I never thought anyone outside my immediate circle would find them.

You can then imagine my surprise when I woke up three mornings ago, to a message from a corps member who had just been reposted to Agbonle, asking of more information about the place.

Tales From Agbonle
The day the Lighthouse beamed

“Okay, how do you know me?!”

He mentioned that his Google search for ‘Agbonle’ led him to the ‘Tales’ category on from where he read my posts. A name search on Facebook revealed my profile and a closer look at my uploaded cover picture disclosed my number. Hence, the message sitting in my inbox.

True to form, I found that very hard to believe. Come on! And so, I gently prodded till the truth in his statement was confirmed. We will yet talk about the comfortable ways he can bear this new cross of his but dude made a striking comment as I prodded: “Google keeps record of everything.” Oh, she does!

The internet hardly forgets.

“Keep doing what you are doing, you don’t know who might see them. You’re a good writer,” He said. Those words encouraged me but I found greater encouragement in the deepening knowledge that all we do today are seeds. The words we write, the lives we live, the manner in which we conduct our affairs…seeds!

Tomorrow when they blossom, I hope they bring us happiness.

I take greater comfort in knowing that my works on LHB are not lost. As long as the internet stands, many years from now, lives will yet be blessed by it. In times like this, Bethel Music’s ‘May we never lose our wonder’ describes my feelings in a new way. May I never forget…may I never lose the wonder of this gift….

For on that day, the lighthouse truly beamed for a wayfarer.


PS: I wish y’all can peep into my heart and see the bubbling excitement. You call it ‘little’ but it’s little things like this that get me.

I love you.

Remember you’re light, keep shining!

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