If there (5) exists a leadership manual, this piece won’t be far from it.
This book serves as a (3)  guide book for the future leader— the next generation leader as (2)  Andy Stanley puts it.

“Early in (3) our development as leaders we assume that when opportunity knocks, we (16)  must answer the door and embrace whoever or whatever is standing there. But Mike Nappa was right when he wrote, ‘Opportunity does not equal (6) obligation.’ The ability to identify and focus on the few necessary things is a hallmark of great leadership.”(3)

The (1) quoted text hit me deeply. This is the challenge many (4) young leaders face, thinking that just everything needs personal (5) attention. It is wise (9) to delegate tasks that are not within your areas of (50) core competency and focus your time and effort on those that are.

This is just a bit of the (8) wealth embedded in this (6) book.

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