Woo Your Goals

The version of yourself that will achieve your set goal is a different version from the one who set it—often an improved version.

In the achievements of your goals, there’s a process of becoming. You get to become the person that can achieve the goals. It all starts with you—your development. So, at the back of every goal you set is a plan for your personal development.

There’s a thread that connects your goals to the point of actualization. That’s your development. Your goals transform you. Their pursuit develops an updated version of you. For example, the girl that wants to read two books a month is not the girl that spends hours in front of the TV or neck deep in her phone. The actualization of that goal forces her to level up!

The problem however, is that most times, we want to be the same person and yet achieve our goals. But that’s not how the deal works.

The deal is: To attain that which you desire, you become that which you’re not.

In the section on ‘The miracle of evolution’ of his book, The Road Less Travelled, Scott Peck alluded that our pursuit of development in any sphere of life runs contrary to the natural laws that doesn’t support our upward push.

“Again  and  again  I  have  emphasized  that  the  process  of spiritual  growth  is  an  effortful  and  difficult  one.  This  is because  it  is  conducted  against  a  natural  resistance, against  a  natural  inclination  to  keep  things  the  way they  were,  to  cling  to  the  old  maps  and  old  ways  of doing  things,  to  take  the  easy  path….the miracle is that this resistance is overcome.  We do grow.  Despite all that resists   the   process,   we   do   become   better   human beings.   Not all of us.  Not easily.  But in significant numbers   humans   somehow   manage   to   improve themselves and their cultures.”

So, yes, it’ll be hard but that shouldn’t stop you. “Each  of  us has  his  or  her  own  urge  to  grow,  and  each  of  us,  in exercising  that  urge,  must  single-handedly  fight  against his  or  her  own  resistance,” Scott goes on to add.

I had to take a moment to highlight this advice Darren Hardy gave in his book, ‘The Compound Effect’, “Success is not something you pursue…. Success is something you attract by the person you become.

Now, we can even go further to say that your goals want to be wooed. A man tells a lady that he loves her and she watches his actions. She wants to be sure she’s truly wanted and the man displays all the acts he has up his sleeve; he woos her into acceptance. Your goals aren’t any different. They want to be sure they’re wanted and you woo them by the effort you put into being the ‘man’ deserving of them.

I want to eat healthier and I avoid all the vegetables and fruits and splurge on sweets and sugar and you think my healthy self will suddenly come to me? I want to make a million in the next ten months and I’ve got no value to offer and no service to provide. How exactly does that one million come to me?

Today, woo your goals! You want your goals. Great! Make them want you! Put on your A-game!

If it’s possible for you to achieve your goal without stretching yourself to grow, I wonder if it qualifies as one.


Don’t forget: You’re light! Keep shining!

I Love You!

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